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August is "Make a Will Month"

August is national “Make A Will Month.” Yes, “Make A Will Month” actually exists! The end of the summer, when many families vacation together, is the perfect time to plan for your family’s future.

Making a will can be easy with proper guidance. No one likes to think about the end of life, but without a solid plan, your loved ones can suffer the consequences. There can be serious pitfalls if you attempt to create your own will or use a cookie cutter software product. Unfortunately, by the time anyone realizes that a mistake has been made, it is often too late to make a correction. An experienced estate planning attorney, like me, can help you work through different scenarios and create a plan that will address your wishes and reduce the burden on your loved ones.

Nearly 75 percent of people do not have wills. The reasons vary: some think they are too young to need a will; others assume they don’t have enough money for it to matter. These are misconceptions. It is extremely important to have a legal document that clearly sets forth who will be the guardian of your children and to whom your assets will go. If this is not clear, it can lead to family conflicts and court action that can be costly, time consuming, and damaging to family relationships.

So, this “Make A Will Month,” do yourself and your loved ones a favor and create your will.

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